The Winners of the BigMM2016 Challenge

The BigMM2016 Challenge was completed without a first prize winner because no team meets the requirement of memory usage (64KB).

Second Place

Registered Username: Toan Vu Hong
Team Member: Toan H. Vu
Advisor: 王家慶 (Jia-Ching Wang)
Affiliation: Media System Lab, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Central University


Third Place

Registered Username: s1044615
Team Members: 王皓玄, 費裕翔, 林政堯, 廖浩翔, 張祐銓, 瞿均霖, 鄭宇哲, 呂文琛, 詹皇釗
Advisors: 方士豪 (Shih-Hau Fang), 曹昱 (Yu Tsao), 陳敦裕 (Duan-Yu Chen)
Affiliation: WIMOCLab & MISLab, Department of Electrical Engineering, Yuan Ze University